To put this in a fair way, teething has never been fun for anyone so it’s painful when a toddler starts teething. The next step you take as a parent is searching for solutions that can counter the feeling and bring comfort to your baby. One of the solutions that crosses your mind is getting teething toys for infants but the burning question is, which is the right teether to sooth my baby?

It is fascinating to see a new tiny tooth starting to protrude through your child’s gum, but the milestone achievement is accompanied by crying and sleepless nights for you and the baby. Good news is that there is a perfect teether for babies like the one you own but there are factors to consider when choosing the right product for your little one. The last thing you want is buying something that will bring more mayhem so check the following important factors before setting foot to the nearest dealer near you.

The pricing for a teether differs depending on what you want. At the cheapest level are teething gels and you can get a small tube at a price range of $3 to $4. If you want to go for another alternative for a greater price – try herbal or homeopathic teething cure solution. Teething toys are also available at $6, but if you want to go for more, you can spend up to $30 on designer teething rings. Another natural option is purchasing amber teething necklace, ankle or bracelet which will cost you $15 to $35.

Not all kids bring the drama as teething starts, but if you are a victim of settling the yelling every time the gum hurts, it is recommendable for you to check the safety of what you will choose. You might find yourself yanking phones, shoes and sponges out of your child’s mouth, so it becomes a good idea to control and encourage the chewing courage. When choosing a teether, beware of the following:

  • Teethers from China especially the ones containing paint as they could contain lead, and the plastic ones probably have phthalates.
  • PVC teethers since the plastics are softened with phthalates.
  • Any form of plastic teethers since you don’t know the toxic ones.
  • Teething biscuits are hazardous due to choking ability.

You should look for unpainted wood teethers, pure natural rubber, silicone and organic cotton.

There are a lot of alternatives to go for after considering your list, so don’t fear on adventuring for more options. What works for a neighbor’s baby may not work as anticipated for yours. Some will go for a vibrating teething ‘star’ rather than a ring put in the fridge. A teething blanket is an option to go for too, but for this, you might need two of them. In case one is washed, the other one is in use.

There are places that fellow parenting friends will suggest for you to find what you are looking for in a teether. There are plenty of stores offering new products in the market, and some have won the trust from parents. It is important for you to check all the available selections considering your baby’s condition. Every product has its specifications so, look for details that will feed you information that guides on the best selection. While the safety of most of the teething toys is guaranteed by the manufacturer, what looks great is not always the best. If you know one place where there are safe teethers, go and ask all the relevant questions that may accompany your problem. You will get the right tool to use to entertain and sooth he or she as the teeth emerges.

Teething gels are rubbed on the baby’s gum, and it includes local anesthetic and antiseptic that helps relieve pain and prevent infection. They are cheap and handy to keep in the changing bag. What’s not okay is that the effects tend to diminish quickly, since the baby’s saliva washes away the gel. Something important here, choose gel that is sugar-free so that the baby’s teeth is safe while they break through. Also, make sure to check on the age guide and dosage instructions carefully.

Homeopathic and herbal cures are little sachets of granules or powder that can be directly tipped into the baby’s mouth or mixed with cool boiled water for drinking purposes. There is no scientific proof that this works, but they are pocket-friendly, natural and portable but don’t forget to follow instructions on the sachet.

You can buy toys specifically for teething, or generic toys that have parts designed to be chewed. Teething toys are plastic made or rubber, and they have a varying texture that helps ease sore gums. Some have water filled to refrigerate them after use. Chilling them makes them more soothing but don’t place them in the freezer as this may hurt the baby’s gums.

The Bottom line

With these factors, you are well set to go and look for the best teething toy for your baby. Remember that not all choices will work for you and it is best that you consult a physician to detect any other problems that could be neglected as you sort teething problems with a teether.

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