The Story Behind BabyVibe

The BabyVibe Therapeutic Teething Ring was founded by two childhood friends, one of which is Mario Gonzalez. Mario’s four-month old baby became the inspiration behind the teether. Later in the mid-1990s, Gonzalez was very desperate to find something that helped alleviate his infant son’s pain from teething. Immediately, he pulled his pager out, set the pager to vibrate and gave to his son to gum on. For this baby, it worked perfectly, and the baby’s pain was immediately relieved.

Gonzalez thought nothing of it until he encountered a woman in a local department store. She was extremely frustrated and sympathetic of her teething baby’s pain, and the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Suggesting the mother try his pager method, the pager immediately ceased the baby from continuing to cry. The experimentation continued for weeks; as he came home from work he would hand the pager to his son occupy his time and help control his teething pain.

When he took his son to the doctor’s the doctor said he was cutting teeth really fast. That is when Mario realized that the vibration from the pager was massaging his son’s teeth, and was the cause of his son cutting teeth so fast.